These simple techniques kill depression & create ongoing positive states

You can change your default state in as little as three weeks using these simple daily routines designed to program your mind for happiness Get Instant Access

Scientifically proven

Techniques and excercises have been proven to create the chemicals in the body that produce positive states - meaning that anyone that uses these techniques will experience more confidence.  

For anyone

It doesnt matter if you are extremely depressed or would like to experience more positive states more often - this is for you!  

Program your conscious mind and your auto-pilot  

This course is designed to program your conscious and unconscious mind aka your auto-pilot for maximum success. 

What Will You Learn:

What can create or kill unproductive states

How most people hypnotize themselves into being depressed and how you can change that in an instant immediately so that you can take control of how you feel in any given moment

The one thing you can do to create the confidence chemicals in your body

You will discover the simple excercise scientifically proven to create positive chemicals in your body - without pills, without equipment - just a simple excercise you can do at home today!

Discover how your mind stores fear and alter it

Understand how your brain stores information in such a way to create fear and change the way you store information to create confidence instead!

Understand information consciously - program it unconsciously

It takes time to train your autopilot brain (the part of you that does things without having to think) - perhaps you now can drive a car without "thinking" but not after the first lesson - so we included a recording to program "happiness" into your unconscious!

Create a happiness switch

Learn this simple yet effective technique that will allow you to create ‚Äča confidence (or any other emotion if you wish) switch, that you can literally tap and turn on your confidence whenever you need!

The power of stacking techniques

One technique can be powerful - learn how to combine techniques to become unstoppable

Become Happier in 7 days or Less!

Discover secretes scientifically proven to create happiness!

Happiness is not something someone has - it is a subconscious process that someone does.


Yes Happiness is something you can learn, program and create!


ANYONE can Easily Program Your Mind To Be Happier

These techniques have been scientifically proven 

Research conducted at Harvard, University of Oregon and the University of Texas have proved

that the simple techniques I will share with you will increase your positive hormones

and reduce your stress hormones!


And you can do most excercises in under 10 mins a day

the techniques I will share with you are simple excercises that will train your mind for confidence

However that is not all - I am not just going to teach you consciously...

You Also Get A Positive State Programming Audio to program your subconscious mind too!

because ultimately it is our auto-pilot part of our mind that is in charge

You never consciously think - be sad... it just happens

so this program tackles your conscious and unconscious mind!


How much better will life be when you are feeling confident?

Get Instant Access

About The Instructor

Muneer is the international #1 bestselling author of power persuasion, a hypnotist, NLP trainer and content producer - Muneer has spoken in over 15 countries around the world and is passionate about helping others make the transformations they are looking for.

Muneer is based in the UAE and has been featured on Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC and multiple regional media establishments. 

Muneer Al Busaidi

Frequently Ask Question

A: Hypnosis or trance is a completely natural state in which all of your minds resources are available to you. Meditation is also a trance state and hypnosis is simply a form of guided meditation. It is relaxing and has multiple health benefits. 

B: Generally speaking hypnosis is not good at getting people to do things they are against doing - but good at getting them to take action in the areas that they would like to take action in. The suggestions in this recording will re-enforce the instructions of the video. 

C: No the audio is meant to be listened to in a place where you are safe and can comfortably relax. I personally like to listen to it before going to bed or when I have some time to myself in the day and I would like to unwind for a short space of time. You will need to listen to this with stereo headphones and do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Feel Happier in 7 days

And change your default state (your natural every day state) in three weeks. 

Create Positive States

Feel happier in under 7 days & change your default state in as little as three weeks using these simple daily routines designed to program your mind for happiness
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